If I wrote a Blog, would you read it?

Are blogs even a thing anymore? I feel like I’m a few years late on this one, but it took me that long to get the balls to start. I can’t help but think, that this could possible become the most expensive diary I’ve owned. Although, Ive used Facebook as a diary for years, and that’s cost me a lot of embarrassment.

I’m not completely sure what direction this website will go in. I just know I have a lot I want to talk about. Most of it will be lessons I learned, and steps I’ve taken to be less bitter and angry. I’m not going to bullshit you, it’s not an easy road, self improvement never is. I’ve spent many hours reading, listening to podcast, and really trying to get to know myself. The pay off is so worth it though. If I, the embarrassing hot mess on Facebook, can get my life together, so can you.


Published by ineverylight

Welcome, my name is Ashley. I hope to use humor, and lessons I learned to help others live a happier life too. This isn't some scam or quick fix. It's just me, a 30 something year old who been through some shit, and learned the hard way. It took a lot of years for me to be in a place, where people actually wanted advice from me. I'm not saying its the best, but some think I'd make a good therapist. I'm probably more like a cool aunt, though. The kind that says fuck a lot, but has your best interested in mind. All jokes aside, I do tend to have a more positive outlook. I believe we all have the power to change our own lives for the better. It's a matter of changing your prospective.

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